Sustainability Efforts


In its inaugural year, the SoFlo Boat Show along with its sustainability partner, Rickenbacker Marina, has created the Rickenbacker Clean Team, a first line of defense of operating a sustainable and responsible boat show.

The sustainability plan encompasses a two-year ramp up cycle with some large impact efforts occurring year one with a plan to add more initiatives in the second year of the program and forward.

In collaboration with

Lines of defense


The sustainability operations plan for this year includes a dedicated on-site team to ensure no trash goes into the waterway and if any does get past them, that it is recovered quickly. The highly-visible Clean Team members will operate during all open times of the show plus an additional 2-hour window before and after each day’s operation.

Onsite Recycling Bins

The second line of defense is on-site recycling bins that will encourage attendees to recycle waste directly.  These clearly marked bins will be collected by the Clean Team and taken to a single stream center to ensure it is not diverted along the way.



At large events, vendors are major contributors to waste due to the disposable containers they use for food and beverages. To mitigate this issue, we have implemented a strict no-Styrofoam policy.

This policy mandates vendors to use environmentally friendly alternatives, ultimately reducing landfill waste and environmental pollution.

In an effort to promote environmental responsibility, we offer vendors an incentive: a discount on their fees when they make the conscious choice to use compostable packaging.

We’ve chosen to exclusively use aluminum water bottles and beer containers, alongside paper straws for our beverage options. This decision not only supports our efforts to reduce plastic waste, but also provides our attendees with recyclable alternatives.

Full Grid Power

The show has gone through great lengths to operate without using a single diesel-powered or gas-powered generator – a rarity for festivals and events. SoFlo uses 100% grid power for all operations and electrical needs.



The show has a full-time sustainability officer on-site reviewing policies and ensuring requirements are met before, during, and after the show.

They will produce an after-action report with any issues and ways to improve the initiative for the following year.

The goal for SoFlo Boat Show and the Rickenbacker Clean Team is to work towards operating a zero-impact event in a very short time.

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