What To Expect?

SoFlo Boat Show is not your typical boat show, but a vibrant lifestyle event for the sandbar Sunday addicts, fishing fanatics, and island living aficionados.

It’s where sandbar season kicks off, so be sure to pack your sunglasses, flip flops, and a coozie as you get ready to experience the premier marine event of the year in South Florida.

Test run the boat of your dreams

Featuring an impressive fleet of over 100 boats at our Sea Trial Docks, you’ll have the unique opportunity to not only explore your potential future boat up close, but also take it for an exhilarating spin around the Key.

Indulge in a marine lover’s paradise

The El Mar Pavilion is a true haven for boatmen and marine enthusiasts alike, offering an unparalleled playground where you’ll be immersed in a captivating experience as you explore the latest boats, accessories, cutting-edge electronics, high-quality fishing products, stylish apparel, and exquisite nautical art, along with a plethora of other items that are all connected to the marine life you love.

Witness the Nautical Adventures Aquazone

Dive into the future of water sports and marine technology at the AquaZone, presented by Nautical Ventures! This 40,000 gallon demonstration pool is designed to give you an up-close experience with the latest toys in the industry. For thrill-seekers, AquaZone also promises heart-pounding water sports demonstrations. Come join the excitement, make waves at AquaZone, and dive into the future of aquatic adventures with an adrenaline-fueled experience!

Reel in your next catch

SoFlo Boat Show’s Fishing Zone is an ideal destination for both novice and experienced anglers alike, offering a wide range of engaging activities, including demonstrations, seminars, and interactive experiences. It’s a place where you can learn, engage, and have fun while expanding your knowledge and skills in the exciting world of fishing.

Unwind with refreshing beverages and delicious bites

After an adventurous day of exploring the SoFlo Boat Show, there’s no finer destination to kick back and relax than Ship’s Wheel Bar. This unique 360-degree bar offers the perfect setting to enjoy a refreshing cocktail and network with fellow marine enthusiasts. If you’ve worked up an appetite, fear not – the Galley has you covered with an array of delectable food options. From fresh seafood to classic pub fare, or even something more exotic, the Galley has a tempting selection to satisfy every craving.

Rock the dock with panels and performances

When you arrive at SoFlo be sure to immerse yourself in captivating seminars presented by a distinguished panel of marine experts at the Soundings Stage. From boating tips and tricks to marine life conservation, delve into engaging discussions and expand your knowledge of the ocean.

As day turns to night, make your way to the Soundings Stage to catch outstanding local talent, from smooth jazz to rock and roll, providing the perfect finale to your day at the show.

Step into the World of Boating at the SoFlo Boat Show

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