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May 17-19 | Miami Marine Stadium

A Beacon of Light at Sea


At the heart of the SoFlo Boat Show lies a commitment to promoting boating safety and awareness. The Loud And Live Foundation and SoFlo Boat Show is proud to launch the A Beacon of Light at Sea initiative, in collaboration with renowned foundations The LA6 Lucas Alvarez Foundation, The Lucy Fernandez Foundation, and The Monica Burguera Foundation. United by a shared mission and vision to foster boating safety, educational awareness, and lifesaving efforts within our community.

Each of these partner foundations brings a unique perspective and valuable contributions that are crucial for the success of this initiative. More than promoting safe boating practices, we aim to create a lasting culture of responsibility and awareness that resonates throughout our community. Let the safety tips at the Sea Trial docks guide you to learn more about our initiative. Visit our informational booth for further education and safety resources. Don’t miss the chance to obtain your boating safety certification!



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The Lucas Alvarez LA6 Foundation provides academic scholarships and funding for underprivileged individuals to achieve their dreams by attending vocational/technical schools, all the while honoring Lucas Alvarez and his passion for mechanics. We believe that everyone has a God-given talent. Our foundation gives individuals an opportunity to explore and capitalize on those talents and paves the way for a future filled with hope and success.


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The Lucy Fernandez Foundation, established in honor and loving memory of Luciana Cristina Fernandez, will provide scholarship and experiential learning opportunities for students at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, her beloved school, to share in what generations of young women like Lucy were fortunate to experience – empowerment and success through the values founded in Tradition, Sisterhood, Spirituality, and Service. With “Mary in all things,” we’ll continue Lucy’s legacy of Faith, Kindness, Hope, and Love.

The Lucy Fernandez Foundation will also help create awareness around boater and watercraft safety by working with private and government agencies, both local and beyond, by aiding them in their initiatives that support, promote, and celebrate her favorite pastime and greatest passion, being on the water. By encouraging Awareness, Education, Safety, and Fun for the next generation of responsible boaters, Lucy’s experience will play an intricate role in reshaping the culture, keeping our children, friends, families, and communities safe, and preserving this beautiful way of life.

Monica Burguera

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The mission of the Monica Burguera Foundation (MBF) is to raise funds and awareness to create programs that will educate boaters and create consciousness of the importance of boater safety. Boating accidents and deaths are preventable! Through education, the Monica Burguera Foundation is working diligently to protect all boaters from boating accidents. MBF believes that boating safety education can prevent accidents and deaths. MBF, in conjunction with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, offers FREE boating safety classes as a public service for the local community. Our dedication to boating safety through education, conducted in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, is open to all in the hopes of saving lives. Our dedication to boating safety through education, conducted in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, is open to all in the hopes of saving lives.

Our Sustainability Efforts

As we strive to bring eco-friendly practices to our event, the SoFlo Boat Show is taking significant strides towards sustainability. As a result, all beverages served at the event will be presented in compostable cups, minimizing environmental impact and reducing waste. Furthermore, the commitment extends to our bar offerings, which will be exclusively served in aluminum containers, ensuring that plastic pollution is kept to a minimum.

These sustainability efforts will be evident across all bars throughout the event, serving as a visible reminder of the show’s dedication to preserving our planet’s precious resources. By prioritizing sustainability, the SoFlo Boat Show not only enhances the attendee experience but also sets a powerful example for eco-friendly practices within the marine industry.